charity gala to support for reconstruction of the earthquake-affected areas in eastern Japan

pamphletSince the Great East Japan Earthquake was reported, people around the world have shared our pain and given their hearts to us.

The world of flamenco is no exception, and it's been bringing rays of hope to us through various support activities all over Spain.

On June 3rd I went to Spain to appear on stage as an advocate of FLAMENCOS POR JAPON, a charity gala held in Córdoba. The idea had come from Javier Latorre, one of my best friends, and I danced soleá to pray for reconstruction of East Japan along with many representative artists of Spain. That night I was goaded on by a desire to put on a gala in Japan, a gala which would not be seen anywhere else in the world. Thus my dreams has been fulfilled today thanks to Javier Latorre and universally acclaimed artists of flamenco.

In September Javier Latorre came to Japan to choreograph «La Celestina» and at the same time he dedicated to me a choreography for a poem of Poet in New York of F. G. Lorca sung by Enrique Morente, the great cantaor who has passed away recently. Through this charity gala, a one-night stand, we wish to grieve for the victims' souls and give survivers hope and strength to live.


  1. «La aurora», from Poet in New York, of F. G. Lorca - a tribute to Enrique Morente
      Javier Latorre
      Cristian Lozano
      Hugo López
  2. «Presagio», from Poets in War (2007)
      Full cast
  3. Malagueña - jabera «Espuma y mármol»
      Kanako Maeda
      Ayumi Yanagiya
      Hugo López, entre otros
  4. Asturias, of Isaac Albéniz
      Cristian Lozano
  5. Requiem for Antonio
      Javier Latorre
  6. Somorrostro
      Chicuelo (guitarra)
  7. Farruca
      Hugo López
  8. Cante flamenco
      Mónica Navarro Gómez
      El Londro
      Jesús Mendez
  9. from the poem Shinau-miki of Takashi Tsujii
      Shoji Kojima
  10. Fin de fiesta
      Full cast
Date Wed. 30th of November 2011, 19:00
Theater Le Theatre Ginza (Tokyo)
Tickets (program included)
S: 10.000 yens    A: 8.000 yens    BOX: 20.000 yens (2 persons)
Dance Shoji kojima
Cristian Lozano
Esmeralda Manzanas Sánchez
Pablo Fraile
Hugo López
Antonio Ventura "Kiko"
Javier Latorre (guest appearance)

Ballet Shoji Kojima Flamenco:
Chiharu Okano, Kanako Maeda, Ayumi Yanagiya
Harumitsu Seki, Tomoya Matsuda
Satoyo Kamata, Etsuko Kiuchi, Tamaki Kinoshita, Yoko Saito
Junko Sujino, Moegi Hata, Ayako, Obayashi, Haruna Kubota
Junko Takeuchi
Song El Londro, Jesús Mendez, Mónica Navarro Gómez
Guitar Chicuelo, Salva de María
Violin Olvido Lanza
Cello Jordi Claret Alegre
Percussion Pedro Manuel Navarro Grimaldi
shōmyō (recitation) Eizen Fujiwara
Direction & choreography Javier Latorre, Shoji Kojima
Musical direction Chicuelo
Stage Design Chiaki Horikoshi
Epigraph Zenryu Hidaka
Ballet Master Cristian Lozano
Répétitrices Chiharu Okano, Kanako Maeda, Ayumi Yanagiya
Costume Naoki Yamada (AIM), Hiroko Tachikawa (Naja House)
Lighting Masao Oshima
Sound Sasoshi Tanaka (sound craft LIVE DESIGN Co.)
Stage Director Katsutoshi Masuda (Di-Rect)
Mask design Yoshiko Shohoji
Hair dressing Junko Sasaki
Advertisement design Akira Uno
Promotional photography Yasuo Yamahiro
Translation & Assistant Kyoko Shikaze
Production Estudio Kojima, Co., Ltd.
Patronage Spanish Embassy in Japan
Sociedad Hispánica del Japón
Contemporary Dance Association of Japan
Asosiación Nipona de Flamenco
Instituto Cervantes of Tokyo
Ticket Office Office Shoji Kojima
Tel. 03-3498-0923 Fax. 03-3498-5442
Access See the map of Le Theatre Ginza.