Compañía Internacional Shoji Kojima Flamenco
Toda una vida
XXVII Festival de Jerez 2023 / world premiere

Toda una vida (A lifetime) is the time that Shoji Kojima has been dedicated and devoted body and soul to Flamenco.

An unclassifiable artist, unique and unrepeatable, an unrepentant patron of the arts, he has presented several large-scale works at the Jerez Festival (La Celestina, Fatum, A este chino no le canto, Flamenconautas, Lorca x Bach).

On this occasion, as a tribute to the city of Jerez and its Festival, which have given him so much, and not as a goodbye but as a see you always, he presents an intimate show that taking up again that Flamenconautas takes us through a generational and geographical journey in which, as an eyewitness and Master of Ceremonies, he accompanies us through the dance of four different generations, always by the hand of the master Chicuelo, essential in his artistic life for 30 years. Along with Karen Lugo (Mexico), Yuka Imaeda (Japan), Gabriel Matias (Brazil), Ana Latorre (Spain) and the undersigned, will return to the Jerez stage leaving his mark, who knows if for the last time. A tribute more than deserved for an artist who loves and will love Jerez for A Lifetime.

Date and time 1st of March, 2023, 18:30
Theater La Atalaya Museums (Jerez de la Frontera, España)
Tickets 25€
Dance Shoji Kojima
Karen Lugo
Gabriel Matías
Ana Latorre
Javier Latorre (special appearance)
Dance and song Yuka Imaeda
Song El Londro
Miguel Lavi
Guitar and musical musical composition Chicuelo
Cello Martín Meléndez
Percussion Perico
Original idea Shoji Kojimask
Direction Javier Latorre
Music Chicuelo
Lighting Antonio Valiente
Stage manager Lucía Mancheño
Production Kyoko Shikaze
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